Haydeé Rovirosa

Dare to See


Migratory movement is one of the realities of our world that causes me to feel great anguish, frustration and helplessness. This movement, as in Bangladesh, where the majority of the population lives in the coastal zone, can be related to climate change, the worst threat facing our planet today. With the country being greatly affected by rising sea levels and storms that are becoming more frequent, a large part of the population has had to relocate simply to survive.

In Mexico and Central America, migratory movement is often a consequence of insecurity and political instability resulting from globalization and demographic and economic imbalances. As happens with climate change, this is ignored by the media or used for political purposes, with hidden interests deliberately manipulating information. The resulting confusion makes it virtually impossible, not only to understand the real causes of these displacements, but also to see migrants not as a threat, but as they really are: innocent victims — especially the children.

Just as it requires a great effort to see and understand them with a critical and thoughtful eye, so too it takes an effort, and can seem almost impossible, to rearrange the colors of the Rubik’s cube to be able to see each of their

faces clearly.

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